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Account Creation

Accounts are best created with the "Account Create" module in ACCTS. You can create General Ledger (GL) accounts AKA 0-ledgers as well as Subsidiary Ledger (SL) accounts AKA 2,4,5,6-ledgers. The creation of gift and facilities accounts (7 and 8-ledgers) typically falls outside of the LBC's responsibility. Take the following steps to create an account...

  1. go to and select the "Account Create" module
  2. enter your CNET id and password
  3. go to the "account create" tab and click on the "reserve" button at the bottom
  4. If you are creating new GL and SL accounts select option 1 "browse chart of accounts" and proceed to step 5. The other two options are self explanatory (enter the 6-digit account number). The first and third options will be used most regularly.
  5. Find the appropriate account series by clicking on the relevant folders. However, if you are creating a "research incentive" or "start-up" account for faculty, choose the "miscellaneous noncategorized" series (2-60xxx) under [ledger 2\designated funds\..] and create a unique GL account for it. DO NOT use the "physical sciences research incentive program" series of accounts (2-64xxx). Be sure to correctly distinguish between a grant and contract account as well as a letter of credit or cost reimbursable award.
  6. When you have selected the correct account series choose the GL\SL master account number and any necessary associate accounts (in the Subsidiary Ledger column). You can select more than one associate account number by holding the shift or ctrl key when clicking on the account number. When done, click the "reserve" button at the bottom and then click "next".
  7. Click on an account at the top of the screen, type in the account description (the same at the "long name"), and click the "update button. Repeat for all accounts. Select the "advance account" box for all of the accounts, if needed. Advance Accounts will be detailed later. When done, click "finish."
  8. Go back to the ACCTS Account Create Module screen. You will find entries showing that your accounts are reserved. Click on the reserve account and click the "create" button at the bottom. Create the GL account first, followed by the SL master account, and then any associate accounts.
  9. For a GL\SL master account, choose data entry. For an associate account, you may model the SL master account.
  10. Here you enter the short name, exec level, department, signers/administrators, PI, and award details.
    1. Basic info: Most of the fields are self explanatory. Unless it is an advance account, the "account status/date" fields can be left blank. See Budget Pools for clarification about ABR codes. Choose the NSF Survey Code that most closely matches the nature of the research project (use the program or directorate of the funding agency or PI's department as a guide).
    2. Signers/admin info: if the names you need are not in the drop-down lists, click the "..." button, search for the name and add it to you list.
      • signer1 = primary FSR, signer2 = his/her backup, signer3 = Henry Way, signer = Michael Grosse, AA1 = FSR, AA2 = Henry Way, AA3 = PI or his/her designee (will have access to e-ledgers)
    3. Grant Info: find the agency code, abbreviation and passthrough agency (if an incoming subaward) in the dropdown lists. Guarantee account = department general ledger unless otherwise specified by the department. Grants ID = TRACS #. Check single fund if all of the money is awarded upfront and there will be no additional fund amendments. Check "federal demonstration project" only if it is mentioned in the award documentation. Indirect cost base = modified total direct cost unless another was used in the proposal. If the sponsor is not available in the dropdown list, then alert URA that the sponsor needs to be added.
    4. Research protocols: not needed unless animal/human subject, institutional safety, RDRC, or radiation safety protocols are involved with the grant
  11. When done, click "create" at the bottom.

Note: 7-ledger accounts cannot be created, viewed, or modified using the ACCTS application. Such accounts must be created using paper forms.

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