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Human Resources Management System

i-Trust HRMS is a web-based alternative to the HRMS terminal applcation. Online training for i-Trust HRMS is availble. It uses the same log-in name and password and displays the same screen options under the Personnel Inquiry menu. Both applications close at 5:30pm each weekday and remain closed over the weekend.

Financial administrators should limit their activity to the Personnel Inquiry menu. The following screens will be the most useful (the i-Trust application has the same screen options, but dispenses with the number codes):

  • 003-Personnel Action Data: Returns the job title, department, hrs/wk, benefits level, base monthly salary, and 9-month/calendar appointment for a specificied job number. One of the more useful dates is the "on qtr stop" date which indicates when the payroll action ends. The account number displayed is not the account to which the salary charges will be applied.
  • 004-Job Assignments: Returns the same data as screen 003 except one can navigate to different job numbers using F2 and F3 (or navigation buttons). With this screen, one can browse through an employees work history at the University.
  • 005-Personal Data: Contains data concerning race, gender, age, SS#, signature authorization number, citizenship status, marital status, student status, and a few other details.
  • 019-Contact Data: Contains home/office address and telephone/email for a given job number.
  • 029-Recent Job History: Displays a list of recent past jobs (or payroll entries) indicating the job number (needed for other screen views), effective date of the action, job class, pay rate, and a few other details.
  • 039-Job Assignment Funding: Displays the account distribution for a given job number along with the effective dates (an end date of 99/99/9999 means it is indefinite), pay rate, type of earnings calculation (reg=12-month, 912=9/12 appointment, 4Q=fourth quarter of a 9/12 appointment), and a few other details. The dollar amounts returned are the 12-month distributions and should not be confused with the monthly earnings of a 9/12 appointee.

The "jobs" assigned job numbers are reflective of an employee's appointments and may not always be indicative of completely distinct functions or work roles. For example, a faculty memeber might have more than one concurrently assigned job numbers because of the types of appointment he/she has (professor, department chair, dean, etc.) and not because he/she has (or had) several different "jobs" at the University. Likewise a new job number may be created if he/she is promoted from assistant to full-professor or if his/her job title changes. One the other hand, a new job number will be created when starting a new position at the University, changing status between full-time and part-time, switching between tempory and regular employment even if the employee is remaining in the same position or performing the same function.

HRMS will record up to eight job numbers (1-8). Numbers 1-7 are assigned to the employees appointments initially in chronological order. However, if an employee's employment history exceeds the seven available spots then one of more of the existing records will be replaced. This process may lead to a disruption in the chronological order of the job numbers. Job number 8 is reserved for extra service payments.

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