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Mainframe Terminal Applictions

The Financial Accounting System (FAS) and Human Resources Management System (DBFSESA) terminal applications accessible through Hummingbird Host Explorer is helpful for looking up some basic account and payroll information.

To access FAS, start the Hummingbird application and enter your FAS login information at the prompts. Then type "fas." You will now be at the main screen listing the query options available. The most useful FAS screens are the ones dealing with SL accounts AKA subsidiary ledgers (2,4,5,6,7,8-xxxxx). Your access should be limited to active accounts within the PSD (excluding the Dean's Office).

  • Screen 5: will return the budget type, map code, exec level, dept. #, sub dept., account administrators, authorized signer codes (no names), and a few other account details.
  • Screen 6: will return award details such as PI/co-PI, agency/pass through agency, award #, TRACS #, IDC rate, master/associate status, budget and project dates. This screen is not very useful for university funded accounts.
  • Screen 15: will return aggregate budget, expense to-date, and remaining budget data by subaccount (press ENTER to proceed down the list).
  • Screen 24: allows you to lookup the last two months of transaction data. You need to enter the exec level and dept # of the account as well as whether you want the current month, prior month, or both. Use F3, F7, and F8 keys to navigate the transaction list. Use F3 to return to the main FAS screen. Business Objects is more useful for analyzing transaction data.
  • Screen 48: allows you to edit much of the information available on Screens 5 and 6. Use of Screen 48 should be limited. ACCTS can also be used to change this account data if necessary.

For more detail about all avaialble screens, consult the FAS System Guide.

To access the Human Resources Management System, start the Hummingbird application and enter your FAS login information at the prompts. Type "dbfsesa" and at the next screen type "hrms". You then enter your hrms login and password. More information about the available screens see the i-Trust HRMS page.

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