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Identifying Account and Transaction Information

The easiest way to find the authorized signer or account administrator as well as basic award data for any active account is to use the account look-up function in ACCTS account create module. It will give you the vitals on any FAS account, including those outside of the PSD. This only works for accounts that have not been deleted from FAS. Use Business Objects to look up this information for deleted accounts and/or account numbers that have been reassigned. However, Business Objects may only return results from within the PSD.

Transaction control numbers and batch reference codes and are very useful for identifying the type and origins of line item charges that appear or on a ledger or Business Objects report. Transaction controll numbers are used to identify individual transactions and indicates the type of transaction. Consulting the batch reference contact sheet can help you determine where it came from and lead you to the person who originated the charge. Be aware that the list may not always be 100% accurate and is periodically updated.

The following are patterns to watch for...

    Common transaction control numbers:
  • Rxxxxxx is often the payment of a purchase order. Purchase orders will also have a Gxxxxxx, Wxxxxxx, or Uxxxxxx number in the PO number field. In very old records, Rxxxxxx can also refer to a DPV reimbursement or paper travel voucher (neither of which are currently used).
  • Exxxxxx is usually an electronic payment of a purchase order and will have a Gxxxxxx, Wxxxxxx, or Uxxxxxx number in the PO number field. Sometimes it can be a corrective transfer done by Sponsored Award Accounting
  • Vxxxxxx is often a purchase order payment which will also have a Gxxxxxx, Wxxxxxx, or Uxxxxxx number in the PO number field. It can also be a graduate student stipend if the subaccount is 8320
  • Oxxxxxx is a non-travel related ePayment transaction
  • Txxxxxx is travel related ePayment transaction
  • DXxxxxx is a recharge transaction
  • DDxxxxx is an electronic interdepartmental transfer processed through ACCTS
  • DExxxxx is a Campus Computer Store purchase order through the Buysite punchout
  • JExxxxx is an electronic journal voucher to transfer funds (not expenses) between accounts
  • EExxxxx is an electronic cost transfer (the PTxxxxxx numbers for payroll transfers are not visible in FAS)
  • Bxxxxxx is cash/check deposit
    Common PO#:
  • BExxxxx numbers are budget entries. The same budget entry number will be used for all subaccounts under a given budget action.
  • Gxxxxxx (also Wxxxxxx in older records) is a purchase order from Buysite
  • Uxxxxxx is either a standing U-order, a very large equipment purchase ($25K and up), or other special purchase processed through a Form 100.

For batch reference numbers, consult the complete batch reference contact sheet which is periodically updated.

If you expect a charge to appear on you ledger, but it does not, you can use these attributes to do a transaction search in Business objects to see if it appeared on another account within the division (assuming that it was processed). If found, notify the account holder to initiate a transfer.

Unfortunately, GEMS transactions make a bit of a mess with the PO#, transaction #, and transaction control #. Typically, the first and last names of the recipient will be spread across all three fields in the following order 1. PO #, 2. transaction #, 3. transaction control #. GEMS transactions are thus easy to spot this way or by the GPB and GPW batch code prefixes. GPW is the batch reference for a GEMS card transaction (should only appear in the clearing accounts) and GPB is the reconciliation of the card expenses or a GEMS reimbursement. Currently, FAS does not generate a unique and short identifier for GEMS transactions.

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