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In-coming Award Transfers

For in-coming awards, the following steps are needed...

  1. Confirm account closeout at previous institution and that preparations have been made to initiate the transfer (e.g. in FastLane).
  2. Obtain a complete proposal from the PI or the original awardee institution.
  3. Modify the budget as needed to accommodate salary changes and/or rate differences between institutions. The overall budget amount should not be changed unless the agency is providing additional funds.
  4. Create a new funding proposal in AURA (it will not be a system-to-system application), and enter the information from the original proposal plus the modified budget. Be sure to indicate to the URA Manager that the funding proposal if for an award transfer and include any necessary special instructions.
  5. Forward the funding proposal through the usual channels.

Out-going Award Transfers

The PI should discuss the disposition of his/her award funding with the department chair when deciding to leave the University. Any federal award transfer must be approved by the funding agency. If the decsision is made to transfer the award to another institution then the Financial Administrator should take the following actions...

  1. Notify Sponsored Award Accounting and URA that the award will be transfered and the institution to which it will be transferred.
  2. Prepare to close the account for the departure date of the PI or the date that work on the project ceased at UChicago.
  3. Follow agency specific guidelines for transfering awards. NSF | NASA (contact program officer) | DOE (contact program officer) | NIH | Space Telescope (see section XVIII)

If any award transfer involves the transfer of equipment or other property, then a Materials Transfer Agreement will need to be executed.

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