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Pre-Proposal Procedures

The procedure for preliminary proposals is as follows:

  1. PC (proposal creator in AURA) will start a New Funding Submission. Enter information needed/requested by sponsor.
  2. PC emails URA-M (URA award mananger) using the AURA messaging function to let their manager know it's there. The FP (funding proposal) will NOT be formally routed in the system and no PI COI assurance will be required until this becomes a full proposal that will be prepared for submission to the sponsor.
  3. URA-M signs/endorses the preliminary proposal.
    1. URA-M emails the PC or FP-Team (using the button in AURA) in place of their normal approval activity.
    2. If a S2S (system-to-system) proposal URA-M submits electronic package.
    3. If not a S2S proposal:
      1. URA-M clicks Upload Internal Documents and uploads the endorsed proposal to View 18.3 Other Internal Documents.
      2. PC picks up the signed proposal if a wet ink signature is required.
  4. If the PI is chosen/decides to submit a proposal the PC goes back into the FP that was started and completes the rest of the required information and routes for approvals.
  5. If the PI does not submit, the PC goes back into the FP clicks Withdraw Proposal.

George Herbert Jones Laboratory

PSD LBC Main Office

Jones Laboratory: 5555 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637

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Eckhart Hall

PSD LBC Satellite Office

Eckhart Hall: 5734 S. University Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637

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Gordon Center for Integrative Science

Chemistry Business Center

Gordon Center for Integrative Science: 929 E 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

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