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Fringe Benefits Rates

Fringe benefits are charged as a percentage of an employee's salary/wage recorded in subaccounts 1000-1799. Three fringe benefits rate levels are used at the University which vary depending on whether the charges are applied to a federal award or not. Benefit levels 1 and 2 apply to benefits eligible employees only. The distinction between the two is that level 1 is for faculty/academics and level 2 is for staff, but the rates are curerntly the same amount. Benefit level 3 is reserved for benefits ineligible employees (e.g. those working less than 20 hrs/wk, emeritus faculty, temp workers, and student workers). The current and future rates can be found on URA's Quick Reference Fact Sheet. For more detail about the federal rates, see the rate disclosure page.

Neither Graduate Research Assistant salaries (subaccount 18xx) nor Postdoctoral Fellow stipends are charged fringe benefit costs. However, Postdoctoral Scholars, since they are considered University employees, would be subject to the benefit level 1/2 rates.

The fringe benefit rates are updated annually and take effect at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1.

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