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Adding a New Vendor in BuySite

Adding a new vendor to BuySite is accomplished through the BuySite Vendor Request form.

Only BuySite approvers can add new vendors. Some required information will likely require contacting a company representative. It is most convenient if the person who wants the vendor added can provide the basic company information such as: company name, contact name, address, telephone/fax, email, website, and the type of products offered. Additional required information is payment terms and FOB (freight on board) policy. FOB-Destination is fairly common, meaning that the freight is prepaid and responibility for the product remains with the shipper until the product is delivered to its destination. It is also necessary to indicate whether or not the company has access to Protected Health Information (data about a specific person's medical record and/or payment history).

The status of new vendor requests can be checked with this application and vendor details can be updated as well. Questions should be directed to Judy Gierat (, 773-702-1366.

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