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Publication Charges

Publishing is something many researchers will pursue at some point to disseminate their research results. Publication fees or page charges often accompany this process. Some journals are subsidized by academic institutions or professional groups, in which case the fees may be optional. The fees are more likely to be mandatory for unsubsidized journals, but there is often the possibility to request a reduction or waiver due to an inability to pay the full amount.

Each publisher has its own policies, forms, and procedures so a generic guide is not feasible. Below you will find a few sample order forms.

  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3

Faculty may use a GEMS card to pay for the publication charges assuming that they have available funds to do so from an unrestricted account or a grant. Grant funds should be used only when the publication is a direct result of the grant activity and publication costs are included in the budget. Those without a GEMS card can bring the appropriate order forms to his/her financial administrator to review and ensure that adequate funds are available. Depending on the publisher's policy, a DPV will be issued to pay the invoice from the publisher after publication or to print a check to include with the order form.

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