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The procedure for check deposits is as follows...

  1. All deposits (cash or check) come to the Local Business Center for approval and processing. No deposits will be submitted directly to the Bursar's Office by a department.
  2. Once a department receives a check, the check should come immediately to an Operations Assistant in the Business Center for processing.
  3. The Business Center will restrictively stamp and log the check. If a department, institute, center, or recharge operation that regularly receives checks, then it should obtain its own stamp form the Bursar's Office and should apply it to the check immediately upon receipt.
  4. The Business Center will complete the Report of Money Received (Form 133) and the Financial Administrator will provide the appropriate account number.
  5. The Business Center will retain two copies of the check and the Report of Money Recieved, one for the Financial Adminstrator's ledgers and one for the Operation Assistant's records.
  6. All cash and/or checks should be delivered to the the Bursar's Office within 24 hours of receipt.
  7. Cash and/or c hecks held overnight must be kept in a locked and secured location.
  8. The Financial Administrator will reconcile the depoosit on the monthly ledgers.

Note: Travelers Cheques and domestic money orders are handled in the same manner as personal checks.

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