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Posting Jobs

For academics jobs (e.g. faculty, senior researchers, lecturers, etc.) the requesting department is responsible for posting the job via the vehicles of their choosing such as professional journals, specialist job posting sites and the like.

Non-academic staff job openings should be taken to Rebecca Kurns for requisitioning through the University's HR department. All jobs requisitioned through the University must have a detailed job description. The University's HR Department can offer assistance in the recruiting and hiring process of staff employees through its Staffing and Recruiting service.

After the Hire

After any candidate accepts a job offer, he/she needs to see Rebecca Kurns within 72 hours after the date the position begins (not the date of acceptance) in order to finalize his/her employment paperwork. Review the list of employment eligibility documents (PDF) that should be brought to this meeting. The hiring unit should provide this list to the candidate in order to ensure that sufficient documentation is ready by the time employment begins. Failure to finalize employment paperwork in a timely fashion can delay processing of the employee's salary payments. If direct deposit is desired, a bank account and routing number should be provided at this time as well.

All new employees need to create a CNet ID and obtain a valid University of Chicago ID card. The Campus Card Office in the Regenstein Library issues these IDs and is open Monday–Thursday 8:30 am–7:00 pm, Friday 8:30 am–5:00 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am–1:00 pm and 1:30 pm–5:00 pm. If the new employee is unable to obtain a University ID card because the record is not yet in the payroll system, please contact the Records Office at 773.702.8909.

All new staff employees are required to attend a New Employee Orientation session within 30-days of starting work. These half-day traning sessions are held every Wednesday. A fire safety training session is required for all new employees . Other training sessions may be required based on the employee's job function.

All new employees should review the employee handbook (PDF) and personnel policies.

New bi-weekly employees will need to use a timecard for their first pay-period. After that, they should use the UChicago Time system to log their hours.

Employees can update their personal information and direct deposit details at the website.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

All graduate students and post-doctoral scholars must complete a Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training course prior to beginning work on any sponsored projects (RCR training is only required for undergraduate students who are conducting work on NSF awards). All graduate students are expected to complete an ethics training course by the end of their first year (whether working on a sponsored project or not). The CITI training program is at All students and post-docs must submit their certificate of completion of the CITI training to the LBC prior to being added to the payroll of an NSF grant. For full details of training requirements and department exceptions, review the PSD RCR training policy (PDF).

E-Verify for Employees Paid from Federal Contracts

New and existing employees being paid from federal contracts worth more than $150K and/or lasting less than 120 days (and all standard work orders with Argonne and Fermi national laboritories) must have their legal employment status verified via the E-Verify system. URA will notify the PI and the Financial Administrator if any of their awards are covered by this E-verify policy. No specific action on the part of the PI is required to facilitate the verification process.

Changing Payment Distributions

Whenever there is a change in the account(s) to which an employee's salary should be charged, the administrator or the LBC's HR specialists will need to update the payroll distributions in WorkDay. Before this action is taken, it is important for the PI or account user to inform his/her Financial Administrator about the desired change to ensure that the changes are within the budget and compliant with award/account guidelines.

Employee Moving Expenses

Some employees may receive financial assistance for relocating, however there are eligibility requirements and tax implications for different relocation costs. Moving expense assistance eligibility requires the employee to have a permanent, full-time, benefits eligible appointment lasting more than one year.

Reimbursements for the following purposes will be treated as fully taxable income: pre-move house hunting expenses; temporary living expenses; meal expenses; residence sale, purchase, and lease expenses. Transportation of possessions from the old residence to the new, travel and accommodations for the final trip to the new residence are not treated as taxable income, provided that the distance test is met (the employee's new job location must be at least 50 miles farther away from the old residence than the employee's previous job location). If the distance test is not met, then all relocation assistance will be treated as fully taxable income.

All reimbursements or direct payments to thrid parties for moving expenses must be processed with a Moving Expense Reimbursement Form (PDF). A separate “Section C” must be used for each third party recipient. Original receipts and/or invoices must accompany the form.

For more details about relocation assistance, read the Moving Expense Reimbursements announcement on AdmiNET.


Whenever possible, unrestricted money should be used for work visa fees (generally H-1B or J-1). However, a grant can be used if all of the following conditions apply:

  1. No unrestricted funds are available to the PI
  2. Working on a sponsored award is the sole University business purpose for the visa holder to be in the country
  3. The PI certifies in writing that the visa holder is fully funded from the grant(s) in question and will remain so for a minimum of 12 consecutive months

If the visa holder will be paid from multiple grants, then any covered visa fees should be proportionately shared between those grants. Immigration fees unrelated to work visas (e.g. citizenship applications, obtaining or maintining residency status, various petitions or appeals of immigrant status) are the responsibility of the emeployee.

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