Accounts are created with the "Account Create" module in ACCTS. You can create General Ledger (GL) accounts AKA 0-ledgers as well as Subsidiary Ledger (SL) accounts AKA 2,4,5,6,7,8-ledgers. GL accounts are designed to track the fund balance of assets and liabilities that the University has while SL accounts track individual transactions. All SL accounts must map to a GL account. An SL account cannot map to multiple GL accounts, but multiple SL accounts can map to the same GL account. The map code for an account is very similar to the GL account to which an SL account is mapped. The map code will always be the last 5 digits of the GL account (i.e. GL account 0-27001 = map code 27001).

All awards must have their own GL account and should never share a GL account with another award or a university funded account. New unrestricted accounts for faculty research incentive accounts should also have their own GL account not shared with others unless requested by the Dean's Office.

GL and SL accounts are linked in FAS, but the account details are not automatically shared, thus any updates to names, award ID, dates, etc. must be changed for each account.

The function of an SL account can often be identified by their prefix numbers. However, this should be used only as an initial guide because there are exceptions. Common prefixes are listed below. A full list of account "blocking" can be found in the FAS User's Manual.

  • NSF grants: 5-27xxx master account, 5-43xxx associate account
  • NASA grants: 5-28xxx master account, 5-64xxx associate account
  • DOE grants: 5-29xxx master account, 5-80xxx associate account
  • HHS grants: 5-20xxx master account, 5-32xxx associate account
  • state/local agency, foundations: 6-34xxx master account, 6-94xxx associate account
  • departments: 4-53xxx
  • general unrestricted: 2-60xxx and 2-64xxx
  • recharges: 2-52xxx
  • gifts: 6-31xxx and 6-32xxx master account, 6-91xxx and 6-92xxx associate account
  • endowed gifts: 7-43xxx and 7-44xxx