Graduate Student Funding and Policies

There are three different graduate student specific classifications that will commonly appear on the accounts:

  • Teaching Assistants (subaccount 1800)
  • Type B Research Assistants (subaccount 1801), and
  • Type A Research Assistants (subaccounts 1804 and 1805).

Under usual circumstances, teaching assistants should be funded only from internally funded accounts, most commonly departmental teaching accounts.

Research assistants are most commonly funded from sponsored awards or from unrestricted start-up funding. The difference between the two types of research assistants is that Type B generates a tuition support charge (subaccount 8319) at the current rate for the fiscal year. Type A research assistants do not generate this charge. By default, all research assistants should be Type B unless the award regulations specifically prohibit tuition support charges in connection with research assistants or during limited periods when graduate students are not registered, usually summer quarters early in the graduate career.

Research assistants must serve for a minimum of 2 consecutive months during a quarter. However, if possible, it is best to issue full quarter appointments for both research assistants and teaching assistants.

Grant funds should not be used as a convenient source of student financial aid. Efforts should be made to ensure that the number of students and the time they spend on the award are in line with the award budget. During the proposal phase, it is important for the PI to carefully think through how many months their research assistant(s) can be reasonably expected to work on the project annually rather than assuming that it will always be for 12 months. Likewise, the number of person-months it should reasonably take to complete the project should be carefully considered.

On fellowship accounts, graduate student stipends should be coded in subaccount 8320. Fellowship payments are done through the Dean of Students office and not the payroll system.

PSD Standard Type B Graduate Research Assistant Funding

Beginning 1 October 2019, GRA funding will be issued on the same schedule as TA reimbursement, so that academic monthly funding will not be the same as summer monthly funding.

There are two standard funding scales for graduate research assistants, one for Computer Sciences (CS) graduate students and one for all other PSD graduate students (PSD).

Annual Grad RA Funding
1 Oct 20 to 30 Sep 21
Annual Funding 35,000 37,440
Annual Insurance 4,563 4,563
Annual Service Fees 1,304 1,304
Total Annual Funding 40,867 43,307
Tuition remission @ 45% 18,390 19,488
Total Annual Cost 59,257 62,795
Monthly Grad RA Funding, Academic Quarters
1 Oct 20 to 30 Jun 21
Monthly Funding 2,917 3,120
Monthly Insurance 507 507
Monthly Service Fees 109 109
Total Monthly Funding 3,533 3,736
Tuition remission @ 45% 1,590 1,681
Total Monthly Cost 5,123 5,417
Monthly Grad RA Funding, Summer Quarter
1 Jul 21 to 30 Sep 21
Monthly Funding 2,917 3,120
Monthly Insurance 0 0
Monthly Service Fees 109 109
Total Monthly Funding 3,026 3,229
Tuition remission @ 45% 1,362 1,453
Total Monthly Cost 4,388 4,6