Standing Orders

Standing purchase orders are used to facilitate frequently recurring charges to the same vendor over a specified period of time. It allows the requester to order a particular commodity or service multiple times directly from a provider without having to generate a separate purchase order in each instance.

The requester must use a Purchase Request Form (Form 100) to initiate a standing purchase order. Since standing orders are for a limited time of one year or less, both and beginning and end dates need to be specified on the order form. Standing purchase order charges cannot be applied to multiple accounts (including subaccounts). Changes in account numbers should be addressed to Purchasing and Payment Services. The financial administrator should also be informed of the change. At the end of the term, a request to renew can be submitted if needed.

The completed form should be sent to the financial administrator for approval and will then be forwarded to Purchasing and Payment Services for processing. They will establish an account with the vendor so that orders can be placed with the vendor directly, rather than with a purchase order through buysite. Some vendors maintain minimum order size and frequency requirements for standing orders in their contacts.

For a list of vendors with University contracts, consult the University’s preferred supplier contract lists.

Fed-Ex is an exceptional case. Fed-Ex standing purchase orders do not expire. Changes to the order and cancellations should be addressed to Purchasing and Payment Services and not to Fed-Ex.


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